Our children have been very blessed to be a part of the Macalester Plymouth Preschool community.

One of the things that the teachers are particularly good at with regard to 3-year-olds, is being incredibly insightful into their world and their way of thinking. The teachers were so amazing at understanding them and helping them adjust to preschool initially, as well as during the year when they would have difficulty returning to school after being gone due to illness, or after a long holiday break, etc. I would refer to the teachers as having “truly magical powers” because they were so helpful in guiding us through these times. They would give me ideas/suggestions to try to help make it an easier transition on the child, and the parent. I always felt like they were genuinely interested in what was going on with my child, and that we were a team.

Mostly, they are the most loving, caring and fun teachers you will find anywhere. All of this has helped build a greater sense of security and confidence in our children. I know that it has given them a solid base to become successful with their future education. Our kids love(d) their Mac-Plymouth teachers. I have heard parents say that their kids refer to their school days at Mac-Plymouth as some of their best. I can say with certainty, that our kids feel the same.

-Barb, mother of 1 former student and 1 current student

Macalester-Plymouth Preschool is a loving and magical place to learn and grow. Room One offers a loving, creative environment for that first transition from home to school. Teachers joyfully help nurture the home-to-school transition, foster kind relations among the students and engage the children in exciting content. Room Two (Room Zoo) offers a steeping into the joy and magic of learning. In Room Zoo, children see that the world, in its cultural and geographic diversity, offers immense treasures for our mind, body and spirit. Here, children receive a foundation for learning that is applicable within the classroom and beyond. I am immensely grateful to the teachers who make the Macalester-Plymouth Preschool experience such a joyful, magical journey.

-Jennifer, mother of 2 former students and 1 current student


When my oldest son first visited Macalester Plymouth preschool we knew it was a special place. He had always dealt with separation anxiety, but the genuine warmth and encouragement he received from the teaching staff in room 1 was such that leaving my side for preschool quickly became the highlight of his week. Subsequently, both my children truly came alive when they experienced the magic of room zoo (2). The seasoned staff creates an exciting new lens through which to see the world. My children each had a new sparkle in their eyes as they kept a look out for Tomten footprints and shared about climbing Mt. Everest or watching the Iditarod. It was so impactful, in fact, that when my 7 year old was offered a Make-A-Wish two years after being diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, he wished to go to France to see Claude Monet’s house and gardens- just like he had done as a 4-year-old in room zoo. What an amazing gift for our family which began with the spirited magic and love we experienced at Macalester Plymouth preschool.

-Julie, mother of 1 former student and 1 current student